Mask Monday: Foodaholic Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask

Mask Monday: Foodaholic Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask

It’s Mask Monday! Today, I’m trying out the FOODAHOLIC Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask. I chose this mask as I wanted to see how pomegranate worked as a skincare ingredient and I was intrigued by the promise of a 3D-shape mask.

About the Foodaholic Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask

The Foodaholic Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask aims to make your skin look healthy and smooth by removing dead skin cells and improving elasticity.

The serum contains antioxidants, which help to restore elasticity, moisturise and keep skin looking clear and lively. The mask has an exfoliating effect, removing dead skin cells to leave skin feeling smooth.

The packet suggests that you can enhance your mask by refrigerating it in the summer for a refreshing experience, or heating it up in winter by soaking the pack in hot water before use.

The mask is described as having a 3D-effect. This means that it has a seam down the front of the mask to better fit to the contours of the face.

My Experience With the Foodaholic Pomegranate Natural Essence Mask


The mask fit well around the eyes as there were lots of little cuts in the mask to make it fit all of the contours.

However, the 3D-effect of the mask didn’t do any good for me. The seam that ran down the centre of the mask made it a bit misshapen and lumpy in places, so it didn’t fit very flush to the face. The seam also made the mask a bit too difficult to unfold and complex to apply.

The mask was also quite large, and extended right under my chin and completely covered my nose. It allowed me to cover more of my skin with serum


The serum smells absolutely amazing! The mask is well-saturated in it and it feels very comfortable to wear. After removing the mask, my skin feels a little tacky for quite a while after using though. My skin looked energised and healthier after using, and felt a lot softer.

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