The Body Shop Face Masks for Oily & Combination Skin

The Body Shop Face Masks for Oily & Combination Skin

The lovely Chloé from ChloBlogs kindly sent me these products from The Body Shop to review! I told her that I had combination/oily skin and she sent me these face masks which are ideal for this skin type. Chloé is a consultant for The Body Shop At Home, so if you would like to try them out, then please get in touch with her @chloblogs on Instagram.

The masks I got to try were The Body Shop Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask and The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask.

About The Body Shop Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask

The Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask is intended for those with oily and combination skin types. The Balance sheet mask is used to help control excess oil.

The serum is enriched with seaweed from Ireland and aloe vera from Mexico. The mask aims to hydrate, mattify and refresh skin.

The sheet mask is eco-friendly, made from sustainably created fibres that are designed to fully biodegrade. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.

The packaging indicates that if you continue to use these masks twice a week for four weeks you will see the additional benefits of smooth and balanced skin.

My Experience With The Body Shop Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask

Overall, my experience with this mask has been good. The fit was okay and the results gained from using the mask were decent.

Mask Fit

The Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask fit better than many sheet masks I have tried. This was aided by the little tabs at the top of the mask, which made applying and adjusting the mask easier.

For me, the mouth area was a bit too big – the section of the mask between the nose and mouth hole actually covered my whole top lip. I do often have issues with masks fitting the mouth and chin area though, so I don’t know that this is a problem specific to this sheet mask!

Mask Serum

The mask wasn’t the most saturated, but there was quite a lot of serum left over in the packet. The serum was very light, almost like water and it was comfortable to use.

After I removed the mask, I applied the leftover serum to my face and neck. The serum sunk in fairly quickly, and there was only a bit of tackiness. The tacky feeling went away after a little while.


I was impressed with what this mask did for my skin. My face definitely felt refreshed and hydrated after using this mask.

While the packaging says you need to use this more consistently over a period of time to receive smoothing effects, I could definitely notice an improvement in the feel of my skin after only one use. My skin felt softer and firmer once the serum had been absorbed.

My skin gained a healthy glow after using, although it was left a bit shinier than I would have liked from a mask that aims to mattify.

Overall, it was a good mask and I would certainly want to use it again!

About The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is aimed at those with oily skin. It claims to purify oily skin, unclog pores, exfoliate and give you a healthy glow.

The mask contains bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, green tea leaves and tea tree oil. It is a clay mask that you apply, leave to dry for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.

My Experience With The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

This mask is pretty intense – but the results make it worth it! My skin hasn’t felt this soft in a long time. It’s so soft, I keep stroking my face and I’m kind of worried I’m going to make myself break out!

Applying and Using the Mask

The mask is pretty easy to apply, especially if you use a face mask brush. Once it is on your face it will begin to dry and turn a lighter brown colour. As a clay mask it actually makes your face feel quite tight. While wearing it you can’t really move your mouth or face at all. You can really feel it sucking out impurities in your skin.

The Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask gives off a very intense tingling and cooling feeling as you wear it. For me, it bordered on uncomfortable, so I think some people wouldn’t enjoy the experience. Personally, persevering with this mask was well worth it for the results.

Removing the Mask

Once you’re ready to remove the mask, it can be washed away with water. When you add water, the mask returns to the consistency it was at the start and you can wipe it away. It would be beneficial to use a flannel or cloth to ensure that it is all removed from your face.

There is a physical exfoliation component to this mask that occurs as you wash it away. You can rub the mask in as you wipe it away, and it can remove dead skin and make your skin even softer. If you don’t like physical exfoliation, then I think it would be easy enough to wipe this away without using it as an exfoliator.


As I’ve mentioned, this mask has left my skin feeling incredibly soft. My skin feels really balanced and there are no signs of greasiness or oiliness – it looks and feels normal.

The tingliness of the mask made my skin a little sensitive afterwards, but I think the overall outcomes of this mask outweighs this!

Given the intensity of this mask, I don’t think you’d need to use it any more than once a week, so if you did buy a full size version of this, it would last you a long time!

Thanks again to Chloé for sending me these masks, I’ve greatly enjoyed them both!

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