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My main skincare goals this year are to work on improving the texture of my skin and to ensure it is kept well hydrated. Having oily skin and milia prone skin makes it hard to balance these two aspects of my skincare. Often my skin is dehydrated from not moisturising enough for fear of looking shiny, but when I use more intense moisturisers to nourish my skin I get more milia bumps – it’s a constant struggle!

That’s why I love masks and wash off packs, because they can essentially act as a refresh button for your skin. When my skin is in need of some TLC, I’ll always pop on a mask that will target my current skincare needs.

Thankfully, StyleKorean has sent me some treats, including masks, wash off packs and moisturisers to achieve skincare therapy at home!

The products mentioned in this blog were gifted by StyleKorean as part of their New Year’s Home Therapy Try Me Review Me.

Korean Lip Masks

I love using lip masks overnight. My lips get really dry and crack easily, so I often need to give them some extra love with a mask or treatment. Here are the two I’ve been trying recently:

Tocobo Vita Glazed Lip Mask Review

I love every lip product Tocobo makes, especially their tinted lip balms, which I wear all the time. Their overnight lip mask, the Vita Glazed Lip Mask, is so nourishing, making your lips super soft and smooth.

It has vitamin E to nourish and stop moisture loss. It has a melting texture that is easy to apply and gives your lips a glazed finish. It is slightly tinted, so you can wear this during the day too!

This is a similar product to the famous Laneige lip mask – I really dislike the Laneige mask as I find it dries my lips out really badly. Tocobo is so much more nourishing, plus it’s vegan, while Laneige is not!

Torriden Solid In Ceramide Lip Essence Review

The Solid In Ceramide Lip Essence from Torriden is a balmy essence to deeply moisturise lips. It contains 5% organic jojoba oil and 5 ceramides to hydrate and act as a moisturising barrier.

It also has Fuligo wax to remove dead skin, helping to make lips so soft and smooth.

You can use this like a lip balm during the day or apply a thicker amount before bed for an overnight lip mask.

It is a vegan formula with no colour and it doesn’t feel sticky to wear.

Korean Face Masks and Wash Off Packs

I love a face mask or wash off pack to refresh skin. They can almost be like a restart for your skin, and can target specific issues, from texture to hydration.

Beauty of Joseon Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask Review

The Beauty of Joseon Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask aims to remove excess sebum and dead skin. It is aimed at people with oily skin who want to tackle excessive sebum and large pores. It contains:

  • 30% Haenam red bean extract to absorb sebum, clear skin and improve texture.
  • Red bean powder to exfoliate skin.
  • Kaolin to absorb sebum and dirt without drying skin, cools skin.

The mask has a lovely texture – the clay is soft and doesn’t dry hard like some clay masks – making it easier to wash off and means my skin isn’t left feeling tight and dry.

After using it my skin is soft, more even in texture and feels clean but not tight.

AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack Review

The Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack aims to soothe and revitalise skin, by gently exfoliating, clearing out pores and offering anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types, but particularly good for acne-prone and oily skin. It contains:

  • 61% mugwort extract to soothe, clear and brighten skin, while gently exfoliating. Offers antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and antifungal properties.
  • Adzuki Bean granules gently exfoliate to brighten complexion and smooth skin.
  • Kaolin to help draw impurities from pores and absorb sebum.

The mask exfoliates without being too scrubby – it’s gentle and effective. My skin feels soothed and soft after using it.

Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Wash Off Pack Review

The Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Wash Off Pack is a moisturising wash off pack to help hydrate skin and retain moisture. It contains:

  • Silver Birch Sap to hydrate skin.
  • Allantoin & Betaine to soothe skin.

This is so lightweight – more like a gel cream texture than a wash off pack – but it means you can easily put it on and go about your day while waiting without it being messy. It leaves skin nicely hydrated and is good for refreshing dehydrated skin and getting moisture back.

Korean Moisturising Creams

After refreshing my skin with a face mask I need to lock in the moisture and continue nourishing my skin with a good moisturising cream.

Belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb Review

Belif The True Cream Moisturising Bomb is a nourishing cream to moisturise and hydrate. It contains:

  • Napiers Moisture Formula & Original Formula to moisturise and maintain water-oil balance.
  • Comfrey Leaf to detoxify skin, making it smooth, soft, and clear.

This is a fairly thick cream, but it works nicely on my skin as a night cream. It makes my skin feel super soft and plump, although it takes a little while to sink into my skin.

What do you use to pamper your skin when it needs a little attention? Drop me a comment below to let me know!

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