My Experience With Base Plus Personalised Skincare

Base Plus Skincare Bottles

The world of skincare can be a confusing place. Unless you’ve educated yourself a lot about ingredients and the way they work for your skin, it can be quite overwhelming to pick out products that can really benefit you. Not only do you need to work out what ingredients your skin needs, but also which products can be used together. 

That’s why I absolutely love the idea of personalised skincare – all the hard work is taken away and you are given a product that should suit your very specific skincare needs – and that’s exactly what Base Plus are offering!

I previously tried Base Plus skincare, and the brand have updated their formula and packaging, so I am sharing my experience with the new formula, in comparison to the old one. 

Base Plus Personalised Moisturiser 

Base Plus is a personalised skincare brand that uses their moisturiser base formula in combination with additional ingredients chosen to suit your specific skin type and problems. You can create your moisturiser yourself, or take the Base Plus skin quiz to discover the ingredients they recommend. 

After completing their skincare questionnaire, Base Plus identified Aloe Vera and Niacinamide as being the best ingredient combo for me in my personalised moisturiser. I need a moisturiser that is light and nourishing, while providing skin tone evening benefits, which is exactly what aloe and niacinamide can do. 

Improved Moisturiser Base Options

One of the things I appreciate most about the new formula for the Base Plus moisturiser is the different options for the base of the formula. Previously, there was only one formula base to which the personalised ingredients were added and I found it to be a little too thick for my oily skin. 

Now there are three different bases:

  • Gel: Oil free. Particularly suits oily skin. Silky and very light in weight.
  • Normal: Regular thickness/weight. Hydrating and suits typical and combination skin.
  • Rich: The original formula. Made with luxurious butters. Heavier texture best for drier skin types or for use at night.

As someone with oily skin, I chose the Gel base, as I want my moisturiser to be as lightweight as possible. This is so much better for my skin than the original formula, it sinks in quickly, doesn’t sit heavily on my skin, and makes my skin feel well hydrated. 

It is light enough for me to use in the daytime and doesn’t leave me looking greasy. It also means I can wear SPF on top without overloading my skin.

Base+ Good Skin Serum

The Good Skin Serum was also updated, and I have received the serum with added Panthenol to suit my skin’s needs. Panthenol hydrates and smooths skin, while offering anti-inflammatory benefits that can soothe red skin. I have a family history of rosacea and have started experiencing redder skin on my nose and cheeks in recent years, so I like to use soothing ingredients that tackle redness. 

The serum also has a lighter consistency, which sinks in well and provides good hydration and soothes my skin. 

Updated Base Plus Skincare Packaging 

Another big change for Base Plus is their packaging has changed. Previously the moisturiser came in an aluminium tube and the serum came in a glass bottle with a dropper. Both have changed to a recyclable plastic bottle with a pump dispenser on the top. This makes it easier to dispense both products, as well as keeping them fresher for longer, as they are less exposed to air. 

They now both feature the signature Base Plus colour and look fab on my skincare shelf. I’m a big fan of these redesigned bottles as they are more practical and represent the brand better. 

What do you think about personalised skincare? If you’d like to find out what ingredients are best for your skin and create your own bespoke moisturiser, then take a look at the Base Plus Skin Quiz!

[The products mentioned in this blog post were kindly gifted to me by Base Plus.]

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