Frudia Avocado Skincare Range

Frudia avocado korean skincare collection

The products mentioned in this post were gifted by Style Korean and Frudia in exchange for a review.

Frudia is one of my all time favourite Korean skincare brands – their Green Grape Serum features in my skincare routine almost every day. Style Korean have kindly gifted me the Avocado range and blueberry lip balm from Frudia to try out, so after trying these products for a few weeks I’m ready to share my experience with them.

frudia avocado relief skincare

Benefits of Avocado for Skin

  • Soothes skin and speeds up skin repair.
  • Moisturises skin and improves the health of skin, preventing dry skin.
  • Minimises breakouts.
  • Improves elasticity.
  • Helps protect skin from sun damage.


Frudia Avocado sheet masks

Frudia Avocado Relief Mask

The Avocado Relief Mask contains avocado extract to soothe and moisturise skin. The sheet mask itself is 100% natural unbleached cotton, providing a soft, non-irritating feel on the skin.

The mask is a pretty good fit for me – a little on the large size for my face, but it stays in place for the duration of the mask wear time.

The mask is very well saturated; my skin was drenched in serum after ten minutes and the mask was still soaking. After removing the mask, the serum did take quite a while to sink in and left quite a shiny sheen across my face.

My skin does feel very soft and nourished though, just one I’ll be using in the evenings from now on! After using this in the evenings, I wake up with soft and plump skin, and a healthy natural glow.


Frudia avocado toner

Frudia Avocado Relief Essence Toner

The Avocado Relief Essence Toner contains 76% avocado extract to hydrate and repair the skin barrier. It also includes Jeju Green Complex to help soothe sensitive skin.

The toner has a milky texture, closer to an essence or watery lotion than a toner. It has a smoothing, slightly mattifying effect on my skin. I really like the actual toner, it sinks in well, doesn’t make me too shiny, and leaves my skin super soft.

But the packaging lets it down a bit. Yes, the bottle is so cute, but it’s hard plastic that is very difficult to squeeze. I have to shake the bottle quite violently or squeeze as hard as I can to get out a tiny dollop. It will be really hard to get the product out if I ever get near finishing it. If the bottle was squeezy or had a pump I would love it even more.


frudia avocado cream

Frudia Avocado Relief Cream

The Avocado Relief Cream contains 62% avocado extract to nourish skin and repair the skin barrier. The cream also contains jeju green complex, which helps to soothe sensitive skin.

The texture is very rich and creamy, with a slight gel feel. Despite being so rich and nourishing, it sinks in well and doesn’t sit heavy on my skin.

While recommended for dry skin types, my oily skin still enjoyed this cream. It is very moisturising, making my skin perfectly hydrated with a healthy glow, without looking shiny or greasy.


frudia blueberry honey lip balm

Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm

This lip balm from Frudia is one of my absolute favourites. It’s one I already own and use every day, so I was super grateful to receive a second one from Style Korean and Frudia.

I’ve been using the Frudia blueberry and honey lip balm for about a year now. A little really goes a long way with this, even though it’s a little jar.

It perfectly nourishes my lips, healing dry and cracked patches and adding a nice sheen. I apply it every night before bed and wake up with soft and healthy lips. It has a slight plumping effect from collagen, which makes your lips appear smoother.

It’s not sticky or glossy, plus it’s easy to apply and it has the lovely sweet scent of blueberries. I’m very particular with my lip balms, and this one is amongst my all time favourites.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed trying out these Frudia Avocado products. Thanks to Style Korean and Frudia for sending them to me! If you’d like to try out Frudia products in your own skincare routine, then you can shop the Frudia collection at Style Korean.


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