Which Beauty of Joseon SPF is Best For Me?

Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen

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Beauty of Joseon, in my opinion, makes the best sunscreens on the market. Currently they have three different options that are suited to different skin types and needs. To help you choose the right sun cream, I’m sharing my thoughts on each so you can determine which Beauty of Joseon SPF is best for you!

Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice and Probiotics Review

SPF: SPF50+ PA++++
Texture: Light moisturiser
Finish: Natural – no shininess or greasiness
Ingredients: Rice extract to moisturise, probiotics to nourish and strengthen skin
Packaging: Squeezy tube
Whitecast: None for me (may need some blending on darker skin tones)
Best For: All Skin Types

Beauty of Joseon relief sun spf

The Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Cream is my go-to daily sun cream. It is the perfect blend between moisturising and sun protection, without being greasy, so I can use this in place of a moisturiser.

It is a chemical sunscreen with SPF50+ PA++++. The SPF level has been independently tested by different labs to ensure that it does protect to a level of 50+. The sun cream also contains 30% rice extract to moisturise and nourish skin, as well as probiotics to nourish and strengthen skin.

It feels more like a light moisturiser than a sun cream, so it sinks into my skin really quickly and doesn’t make my skin look greasy or shiny. In addition, it doesn’t leave any whitecast, nor does it feel sticky on my skin. For darker skin tones, you may need to spend a minute blending it in, as it is a lotion texture.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t smell like most sun cream does, it’s more of a neutral scent. Plus, It makes my skin feel silky and nourished. I couldn’t ask for more!

Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Moist Sun Serum Review

SPF: SPF50+ PA++++
Texture: Serum with encapsulated actives
Finish: Natural – slight glow, but not shiny/greasy/sticky
Ingredients: Ginseng Extract to boost elasticity and hydration, 2% Niacinamide to brighten
Packaging: Pump bottle
Whitecast: None
Best For: Combination skin, but suitable for all

The Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Moist Sun Serum has a serum-like texture, it sinks in quickly and is hydrating. It gives a slight glow, but it’s not shiny, greasy or sticky. It’s probably the best sun cream texturally that I have.

In addition to the SPF 50+ PA++++ sun protection, the serum contains 30% Ginseng Extract, which helps to boost elasticity and keeps skin hydrated and smooth. It also has 2% Niacinamide to brighten skin and remove impurities.

The serum makes it look like my skin, but better! I very much like this one and I go back and forth on whether I like the sun serum or relief sun better. It makes my skin soft and smooth, and you can easily do makeup on top of this with no problem.

Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick: Mugwort and Camilia Review

SPF: SPF50 PA++++
Texture: Smooth sun stick
Finish: Matte
Ingredients: Mugwort to soothe and nourish skin
Packaging: Small stick, perfect for bags and pockets
Whitecast: None
Best For: Oily Skin

The Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick is recommended for people with oily skin who want a matte finish. Unlike a lot of sunscreens, it is barely noticeable on my skin. I can’t really see or feel it, which I really like as I don’t want to look too shiny and I don’t like the feel of heavy products on my skin. It does give a slight glow, but it looks healthy and natural.

The sun stick contains mugwort, which helps to soothe and nourish skin, as well as offering sun protection with SPF 50.

The sun stick comes in a small sized stick package, which makes it ideal for on-the-go and travel as it can easily fit in a pocket or bag. As such, it is great for reapplication of SPF throughout the day.

I love all three for different reasons – the sun serum gives me a ‘my skin but better’ finish, Relief Sun always has a place in my heart – it’s the perfect dual moisturiser/spf for my combination skin in the summer, and the sun stick is ideal for on-the-go and my skin appreciates the matte finish.

Where to Buy Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen?

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