Soap and Glory Hair Care Review

Soap and Glory Haircare Review

I am a long-time fan of Soap & Glory products and have amassed quite the collection of their skincare, bodycare and makeup over the years.

This has been, in part, helped by the reputation I’ve gained for loving their stuff, which has led to me being gifted countless creams and shower gels from their range, although I can’t deny I haven’t spent a fair amount of my own money on their products.

When they announced the launch of their brand new hair care range I was very excited to get trying the collection. To start with, I bought four items that I was most intrigued by and have used them individually over a number of days to find out how each of them works for me.

Soap and Glory Junk the Gunk

Junk the Gunk Deep Cleansing Shampoo

This was the product I was most excited about trying from the new hair care range. I’m a big fan of charcoal-based skincare products, like face scrubs, washes and face masks, so I figured that a charcoal shampoo would certainly be something worth trying!

The purpose of this particular shampoo is to exfoliate the scalp and scrub away any excess product buildup. As someone who fairly regularly uses styling sprays, heat protection sprays and dry shampoo my hair would probably be quite thankful for a bit of a scrub once in a while.

The shampoo itself smells incredible and is black in colour like most charcoal products – although this did make me nearly rub it all over my face rather than my hair, as it doesn’t look like a shampoo at all! The real trick with this shampoo, however, comes from the addition of apricot seeds, which act as an exfoliant, similar to microbeads or salt in face washes.

Difficult to use…

The apricot seeds helped the scrubbing effect, although it did end up leaving my hair rather matted and it took me a lot longer to get it all washed out of my hair than it would with a regular shampoo. I also have fairly long hair, and I didn’t think that this product would really do any good for the lengths of my hair, despite the fact it says to use it there, so I stuck to just using it around my head.

While I think my hair feels a little smoother and lighter than usual, it doesn’t really feel as clean as it does when using a standard shampoo, and by the end of the day it was starting to look quite greasy again. Also, despite my best efforts at thoroughly rinsing, I found myself picking tiny bits of apricot seed out of my hair throughout the day, which was not ideal! All in all, it’s certainly a pretty cool product idea, but not the easiest to use and I have yet to experience the full desired effects.


soap and glory wonditioner

Wonditioner Intensive Conditioning Hair Mask

Out of all the products I have tried from the new haircare range, this one is definitely my favourite. I don’t always remember to condition my hair on a regular basis, so it’s often in need of a little extra care, and this hair mask was just the thing! It smells incredible, and similar to some of the bodycare products from the Soap & Glory line, which was nice.

Smooth, healthy hair

The pink clay in the mask makes the consistency and feel of the product so good and makes it a lot easier to smooth into hair than wetter conditioners, which I usually end up losing dollops of down the plug! The mask has undoubtedly revitalised my hair, especially the lengths which I have lightened and so need a little extra care. It is now softer, smoother and healthier in both look and feel than it has been in months! This is one that I’m definitely going to keep using, especially when my hair is feeling a little dry or splitting.


soap and glory pink big shampoo

Pink Big Weightless Shampoo

Another shampoo bottle from the new range, I chose Pink Big out of all the other products because of its ‘weightless’ claims in the hopes that this would help add a little more volume to my hair because it is quite long and fine, which leaves it rather flat. And it did just that. Without using any other products for styling, my hair was far bouncier and voluminous than usual after drying which was great, as well as being nice and shiny.

Not fond of the scent

Unfortunately, a let down for me was the smell. To start with, the citrus notes are nice, but when I was rinsing it out I couldn’t help but think it smelt like a cheap men’s shower gel as it was reminiscent of something my boyfriend used before I took over the bathroom! This was a little off-putting, but ultimately I will continue using it for the time being as it does make my hair look good!

However, with a full price of £7, it is unlikely that I will be buying this product again as it is rather expensive for the amount you get (300ml) and I’m not sure it’s quite worth that.


soap and glory miracle serum haircare

Wonder Serum

Deemed a 10-in-1 miracle serum I was part intrigued, part dubious when I ordered this item. I find that if I use it on dry hair it leaves quite an oily, damp feeling in patches of my hair, no matter how much I tried to brush it through. However, using it on wet or damp hair before drying seems to work well.

The scent is lovely and adds some great movement to my hair. However, at full price, the £7.50 price tag seems a little steep considering the size, so personally I wouldn’t choose to buy this again.

Have you tried any of the products in this range yet, or are you planning to? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or reach out via my social media channels!

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