Skinfood Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Line Review

Skinfood Yuja C

Skinfood is one of my favourite Korean skincare brands! The packaging is always so cool, and the products work really well for my skin. Their Yuja Line is ideal for brightening skin and making the complexion more even, as Yuja contains three times the amount of vitamin C than lemons!

As an ambassador for StyleKorean, I was gifted these products in exchange for a review.

Yuja C Skinfood Essence

Skinfood Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Essence Review

A brightening essence with 96% Yuja Extract, Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid to brighten complexion, reduce dark spots and prevent blemishes.

The Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Essence is a little stickier than I would like, but it sinks in quickly. It makes my skin smoother and clearer, without looking shiny or greasy at all.

Yuja C Skinfood Serum

Skinfood Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Serum Review

A brightening serum with 96% Yuja Extract, Vitamin C and Niacinamide to treat dark spots and blemishes.

It has a really light, watery texture that sinks in almost instantly, which is great for a serum like this. The Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Serum is hydrating and gives my skin a nice glow.

Yuja C Skinfood Cream

Skinfood Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Cream Review

A moisturising cream with 30% Yuja Extract, plus glutathione vitamin capsules that burst as you apply it to your skin. It aims to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while boosting brightness.

The Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Cream smells lovely and fresh. It has tiny little capsules in it that blend in as you apply the cream. It makes my skin softer and brighter. The texture is a little oilier than I prefer, so I use this in the evening, but it leaves me with nicely glowing skin in the morning.

Skinfood Yuja C

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