MAXCLINIC Skincare Review

maxclinic skincare collection

The MAXCLINIC products mentioned in this blog were gifted in exchange for review.

MAXCLINIC is a Korean skincare brand. Salons and spas across Korea and the United States use MAXCLINIC products, which are formulated with natural ingredients and should be suitable for all skin types.

Here is my experience using the following products:

MAXCLINIC Propolis Barrier Ampoule

The Propolis Barrier Ampoule contains propolis and manuka honey to firm the skin and provide nutrients that improves skin health. It helps to moisturise and calm skin without any stickiness. The ampoule also has the additional benefits of whitening skin and improving wrinkles.

It has a fairly light texture, and sinks in fast without being sticky. The ampoule naturally smells faintly of manuka honey, which I find to be pleasant. My skin feels moisturised and plumped after using. I will need to use this longer to speak on the whitening and anti-ageing properties.

You can buy the MAXCLINIC Propolis Barrier Ampoule from Amazon.

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MAXCLINIC Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam

The Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam is a popular product in Korea, having sold over 22 million bottles. This cleanser turns from oil to foam, effectively acting as both steps of the double cleansing process.

The product is dispensed as an oil, and can be applied to dry skin to begin melting away makeup. Adding water turns it into a light foam to remove any residue. I really liked using this, as it didn’t irritate my eyes like some oil cleansers. It’s good at removing makeup and cleaning your skin without stripping it.

The cleanser is hypoallergenic, plant-derived, and free from parabens and mineral oil.

You can buy the MAXCLINIC Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam from Amazon.

maxclinic skincare

MAXCLINIC Time Return Melatonin Eye Cream

The Time Return Melatonin Eye Cream contains 50,000 ppm of melatonin and adenosine to help improve the elasticity of your skin. These ingredients also help to brighten, strengthen and soothe the skin.

You can buy the MAXCLINIC Time Return Melatonin Eye Cream from Amazon.

MAXCLINIC Time Return Melatonin Cream

The Time Return Melatonin Cream helps to firm skin, providing nutrition that improves the hydration of your skin, offering a soothed and brightened complexion. It contains 50,000 ppm of melatonin liposome and adenosine.

You can buy the MAXCLINIC Time Return Melatonin Cream from Amazon.

MAXCLINIC Cassage Lifting Stick

The Cassage Lifting Stick is a cream stick, shaped like a Gua Sha. It provides similar benefits to this tool, but with the skincare product built in. You place the Lifting Stick on your skin and draw it upwards, like when using a Gua Sha. This helps to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and lift skin.

The cream in the stick contains 20 different kinds of peptide ingredients & adenosine, which offers elasticity boosting and wrinkle smoothing properties.

This is a really unique product, and I like the concept of it a lot. You do have to apply quite a lot of pressure to use it and it does have quite a waxy feel to it when applied.

You can buy the MAXCLINIC Cassage Lifting Stick from Amazon.

My favourite product from this collection has to be the Rose Vitamin Brightening Oil Foam, because it was the most effective for my skin and I got the best results from it.

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