COSRX Propolis Skincare Review

COSRX Propolis Skincare Line

The products mentioned in this blog were gifted to me by StyleKorean as part of Try Me, Review Me.

The COSRX Propolis Skincare Range aims to nourish and bring life to dull skin.

They can be used by all skin types, but are best suited to dry and dehydrated skin.

Although I have oily skin, I do get inner dehydration, and these products have helped to improve the health of my skin, making it look plumper and glowy!

cosrx propolis skincare

Key Ingredients of COSRX Propolis Skincare Line

The products contain propolis and honey extract which each have incredible skin benefits.

Black Bee Propolis

  • anti-bacterial
  • inflammatory
  • healing
  • manages breakouts
  • restores damaged skin barrier

Honey Extract

  • moisturises
  • hydrates
  • helps skin retain moisture

cosrx full fit propolis pads

COSRX Propolis Synergy Pads Review

There are 70 pads in each tub, which have been soaked in essence. The pads have an embossed side and smooth side for light exfoliation and better essence absorption. They can be left on skin as a mask for extra hydration.

Key Ingredients

  • 84% Propolis extract – nourishes skin and boosts moisture retention for a healthy glow
  • Royal jelly – nourishing
  • Honey extract – soothing

cosrx propolis pads

My Experience

I’m loving using these on days when I don’t have time to do a full routine, as they give me a big boost of hydration. I then don’t have to do so many other steps of a skincare routine, like toners, essence and ampoules, as these pads provide everything I need.

However, within a normal routine, I’m not entirely sure how I would make use of these. They aren’t a cleanser, and the skincare range already includes a toner and ampoule.The pads make my skin a little too moist to use with a toner too, so I’ve just been using these when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

For a propolis product, it’s not too sticky, but I do experience a bit of tackiness from these pads for a while after using. It’s not unpleasant or uncomfortable, so isn’t a problem for me, but if you hate feeling slightly sticky, then this range maybe isn’t for you.

The biggest downside I have with these is that the pads are a little too thin. They roll up a bit as you try to use them, and the textured side gets worn down quite quickly. I’m used to using the pads from neogen, which are a lot thicker and larger.

cosrx propolis toner

COSRX Propolis Synergy Toner Review

The toner provides moisture to skin while offering anti-inflammatory and skin strengthening properties. It helps to recover damaged skin and smooths skin, providing an anti-ageing effect.

The toner is more viscous than water, with an essence-like texture, but it is still light.

Key Ingredients

  • 72.6% black bee Propolis extract – nourishing, anti-inflammatory, moisturising
  • 10% honey extract – boosts moisture and adds glow

My Experience

I have found this toner to be particularly good at picking up any remaining dust and dirt on my face that was missed by cleansing. It makes my skin feel cleaner and gives me a great glow.

It does absorb quite fast, but like all propolis products, it does leave my skin with quite a tacky feeling. So despite my skin drying quite fast, I do feel like I have to wait quite a while before applying the next step of skincare to avoid it all becoming too sticky.

cosrx honey propolis sheet mask

COSRX Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask Review

The sheet mask aims to moisturise, nourish and soothe skin, while improving elasticity.

The mask is well-designed to fit to the face and deliver the active honey-derived ingredients to the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Key Ingredients

  • Propolis extract – moisturising
  • Royal jelly – nourishing
  • Honey extract – revitalising

cosrx propolis sheet mask

My Experience

First of all, this mask had an amazing fit for me, which was helped by the peel-off backing, which made the application much easier. The mask stayed on so well while I was wearing it and felt comfortable.

The sheet mask was well saturated with serum and didn’t dry out during the 20 minutes that I wore the mask.

The serum sank in fairly quickly, especially when boosted by the use of a jade roller. As with the other products, my skin felt a little tacky after using, but again, it wasn’t particularly a problem.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable mask to use!

cosrx propolis light ampoule

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule Review

If you’re after glowy skin then this is the one for you! The ampoule is suitable for sensitive skin and can help to calm redness and make damaged skin healthier.

Key Ingredients

  • 83% propolis extract – helps skin absorb and retain moisture, making it healthy, glowy and soft.

Ways to Use the Ampoule

  • Applied directly to the face.
  • Mixed into foundation to make makeup finish glowier.
  • Soaked into cotton pads and used as an ampoule mask.

propolis light ampoule

My Experience

I was apprehensive about this ampoule, as I was worried it would make me look too shiny or be sticky. Instead, I have been blessed with incredibly healthy looking skin, all thanks to this miracle in a bottle!
Since using this, my skin has become so glowy and looks so much healthier. It gives you more of a dewy finish, without being greasy, oily or overly sticky.

My skin looks and feels so much healthier now, it’s a lot softer and smoother, as well as being well hydrated and glowy – I love it!

cosrx propolis light cream

COSRX Propolis Light Cream Review

The Propolis Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types. It provides great moisturisation without making skin feel oily.

Key Ingredients

  • 66% Black bee propolis extract – anti-inflammatory, moisturising, makes skin soft
  • Honey extract – boosts moisture and adds glow
  • Royal jelly extract – nourishing

propolis light cream cosrx

My Experience

The texture of this cream is super interesting, it looks quite thick and rich, but is almost gel-like in consistency when applied. It is layerable, making it ideal for all skin types, as you can use it sparingly for oily skin, or apply more for drier types.

Whether this cream is for you or not will depend on the finish you like from your moisturiser. This will give your skin a fairly satiny finish – it’s not too dewy or shiny, but it’s certainly not a matte finish. I’m not minding it too much at the moment, as it gives me a nice healthy glow for the summer.

Normally, I would be more into a matte finish, so I probably wouldn’t choose to buy this myself again, but I will continue to use this cream, as it is making my skin look and feel healthier during these warmer and drier summer months.

cosrx propolis honey overnight mask

COSRX Propolis Honey Overnight Mask Review

The Propolis Honey Overnight Mask is a refreshing gel-like mask that soothes skin and creates a thick moisture barrier.

It can be used as a sleeping mask, a wash-off mask or as a moisturiser.

Key Ingredients

  • 87% Propolis extract – moisturising, anti-inflammatory, reduces redness
  • Honey extract – boosts moisture and adds glow
  • Sodium hyaluronate – hydrates skin and promotes moisture retention

cosrx propolis honey overnight mask texture

My Experience

This mask is quite refreshing to use, making it a fantastic choice for the summer as it can have a cooling effect.

It sinks in fairly quickly, but out of all the products, this one is definitely the stickiest. While the product claims to offer three uses, I wouldn’t personally ever use this as a moisturiser as it is just a bit too sticky. It works really well as a sleeping mask, making my skin very soft and hydrated when I wake up.

One of the best benefits of this mask for me is that it helps to reduce redness and calm skin, so my skin tone looks a lot more even now.

If you’d like to try these products yourself, then you can find them all at StyleKorean!

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