Best Bakuchiol Skincare Products to Try

bakuchiol skincare

Bakuchiol is a fantastic natural alternative to retinol, offering many of the same benefits as this acclaimed skincare ingredients – and many more!

You can read more about the difference between retinol and bakuchiol in the Guide to Bakuchiol.

If bakuchiol skincare is something that interests you, here are some of the products that contain bakuchiol that I enjoy using!

benton bakuchiol serum

Benton Bakuchiol Serum

With 2.5% Bakuchiol, this serum helps to smooth and soften skin, boost elasticity and give skin a healthy glow. The serum also contains niacinamide to brighten and adenosine to aid the appearance of wrinkles. It has a thick caramel colour.

I really like this serum, although it does have quite an intense smell (very earthy). It is a good alternative to retinol and makes my skin very smooth with an instant glow.

some by mi retinol intense serum

Some By Mi Retinol Intense Reactivating Serum

The ultimate for people who want retinol/bakuchiol benefits, this serum contains retinol, retinal, AND bakuchiol for the ultimate boost of elasticity!

It has a white lotion-like texture, but it sinks in well and isn’t too sticky. Straight after using my skin is plumped and smoother. I did experience a small tingly feeling after applying, but it subsided fairly quickly.


Jumiso All Day Vitamin VC-IP 1.0 Firming Serum

This serum contains bakuchiol as an alternative to retinol, helping to boost collagen production and offer anti-ageing benefits. It also contains Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a vitamin C derivative, to brighten skin and boost collagen, plus Tocopherol to strengthen the skin barrier.

It is gentle, but still packs a punch, making my skin both brighter and plumper overnight. It is a milky-colour, with a slightly thicker texture, but it sinks in quickly and instantly makes my skin smoother. I usually use this one as part of my night routine when I’m using it.

versed serum

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

This serum contains both Bakuchiol and encapsulated retinol to treat aging skin, dullness and problem skin.

When I first started using retinol in my skincare routine, I used this, as the combination made it more gentle than a pure retinol serum. It’s a light gel cream formula that sinks in quickly.

The results are instantaneous, immediately making my skin feel softer, smoother and plumped. I experience no redness, dryness or side effects from this serum. It gives me a healthy glow and even skin tone, without any shininess.

mary may sunstick

Mary & May Vegan Peptide Bakuchiol Sun Stick

This sun stick is really easy to apply and reapply. It glides on and sinks in quickly, making it ideal for topping up throughout the day. As well as offering sun protection, the sun stick contains bakuchiol and peptides to help repair skin damage and reduce wrinkles.

I think the Mary & May Vegan Peptide Bakuchiol Sun Stick has a nice scent and I enjoy using it. It has a silky finish that gives my skin a nice glow and it doesn’t have any whitecast.

transparent lab bakuchiol cream

Transparent Lab Bakuchiol Firming Cream

A firming cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone. As bakuchiol alone, it is suitable for all skin types.

The cream contains 1% Bakuchiol to smooth skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also includes 1% Peptide Complex to prompt collagen production and 1% Centella Stem Cells to hydrate and smooth.

While this cream can be used morning or evening, I prefer to use it in my PM routine as I find it makes my face a bit too shiny, and feels quite greasy on my skin. However, it does make my skin have a refreshed glow and smooth, plumped feel when I wake up, making it worth it!

haruharu eye cream

HaruHaru Wonder Black Rice Bakuchiol Eye Cream

The eye cream pairs fermented black rice with bakuchiol to create a moisturising cream that improves fine lines, wrinkles and skin elasticity.

The eye cream features bakuchiol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone, black rice to moisturise the eye area and bamboo shoot extract for anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

It is a milky cream with a light texture that sinks in well. I prefer using bakuchiol over retinol, so I’m excited to get the benefits of this anti-ageing ingredient with less chance of irritation around my eyes.

guide to bakuchiol

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