SUGU Beauty Calm & Cool Sheet Mask With Cucumber

SUGU Beauty Calm & Cool Sheet Mask With Cucumber

This week I’m trying out the SUGU Beauty Calm & Cool Sheet Mask With Cucumber.

About the SUGU Beauty Calm & Cool Sheet Mask With Cucumber

The SUGU Cooling Sheet Mask aims to reduce redness and irritation with the help of cucumber, which calms the skin. The mask soothes skin, leaving your face refreshed and renewed.

It contains many soothing ingredients, such as cucumber juice, moutan root extract, chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf extract. These soothe the skin and offer cooling properties.

The mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is suitable for vegans and wasn’t tested on animals.

My Experience With the SUGU Beauty Calm & Cool Sheet Mask With Cucumber


The first thing you notice about this mask when you put it on is how refreshing it is. It has a lovely cooling effect on the skin, which is particularly nice on warmer days when you want to relax and refresh.

Reduce Redness

After using the mask for 15 minutes my skin was noticeably less red. It was a warm day when I used this mask and my cheeks were quite flushed from the heat. The mask was very cooling and my skin was calmed after using.

Great Fit

This mask had one of the best fits I have ever used. My face is quite small, so I often find that masks are way too big for me. This one was – if anything – a bit small! It stayed flush to my face and was comfortable to wear. It fit well around the eyes, nose and mouth, which are always places that don’t usually fit well for me.

Excess Serum

There was a lot of serum left over in the packet after using the mask. I found that the mask was saturated enough already for my face, so I used the remaining serum on my neck, chest and arms.

Price and Availability

This face mask is a fairly cheap option which is available in the UK. I got this mask in Boots, but I have also seen it for sale in Poundland and online at Amazon and eBay. For the price, it was an enjoyable mask to use, but I’m not sure how much skincare benefit it offers beyond cooling the skin.

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