Roccabox Water Limited Edition Box Review

Roccabox Water Limited Edition Box Review

There has been a betrayal! I am a traitor to my Fire-kind. For I, a Leo, chose to purchase the 

Roccabox Limited Edition Water Box instead of the Fire box that matches my sign.

Normally I am all for my star signs and horoscopes and am usually fiercely loyal to my fiery nature. But the eyeshadow palette in the Fire box just didn’t call to me like the Stargazing palette of the Water box, so here we are.

For those out of the loop – Roccabox recently released their latest limited edition collection themed around the elements, with a box for each Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The boxes each contain five full-sized beauty items (plus a free hot choc sachet) for £25. Some of the items in the box are actually worth more than that, so it is definitely well worth it. 


stargazing palette

The Beauty Crop ‘Stargazing’ Eyeshadow Palette Review

The palette is very space-inspired, with each rich-toned shade offering a slightly holographic sheen that matches the packaging. The palette features blues, greens, silvers, pinks and purples, and each shade is highly pigmented and striking. 

It is a mix of metallic, matte and pressed glitter shades, although the formula makes all the matte shades look and feel metallic too. The formula for most of the shades is buttery smooth, helped by the jojoba and coconut oil that enrich them. The colour pay off is insane, and the texture allows them to easily blend. 

The packaging really works with the theme, and while I prefer sturdier packaging with mirrors personally, you can see that the focus is on the eyeshadows, and really that’s all that matters. 


stargazing palette shade swatchesAll Shimmery

While I have enjoyed using this palette, one downside for me is that most of these shades are what I would call a ‘topper’ shade. They are all shimmery, and even the ‘mattes’ come out quite metallic. If you like to have a neutral matte base shade to work with first on your eye, then you’ll have to dip into a different palette to build up any shaping and shadow. 

As far as the pressed glitter goes, it is actually pretty decent. The three shades have intense colour and add an extra dimension to the look. I usually avoid using a lot of pressed glitter as I tend to find it quite hard to work with, but this was a tiny bit creamier than other pressed glitters, so it was easier to pat on to the eye. 

The palette would normally cost you £20, so this box is an absolute steal! I would definitely say it is worth it alone anyway, if you like shimmery eyeshadow, as a similar-sized palette from the likes of Colourpop would be about $18, and the formula in The Beauty Crop’s palette is definitely creamier.


In Your Dreams – Glitter Highlighter in ‘Deja Vu’ 

Deja Vu is a lovely pink-toned glittery cream highlighter. The glitter isn’t too intense, and the overall effect is actually quite subtle. Cream highlighters have never really been the one for me, but I managed to get some good results out of this product. 

As well as using it as a highlighter on the cheeks and nose, I think this would also work well as a lip product, as the creaminess would make application easier. 

This product retails individually at £12.


vitmasques rose gold hydroglow cream

Vitamasques Hydroglow Cream in ‘Rose Gold’

The Vitamasques Hydroglow Cream is a 2-in-1 moisturiser and primer that contains gold extracts for a glowy finish. I love the idea of a 2-in-1 moisturiser and primer, as I hate having to wait for my moisturiser and primer to sink in before I start my makeup in the morning. 

The gold extract is said to stimulate skin cells and improve elasticity in the skin. The cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Pearl Powder, which help to moisturise, hydrate and illuminate the skin. 

It works fine as a makeup base and has caused no issues like separating my foundation, as some products do. 

This product retails individually at £25.99.


Melusine Paris Magic Jade Roller

Some people love them, others are sceptical, but either way, a Jade Roller is a cool beauty accessory to have. The Jade is meant to promote healthy skin, while also bringing peace to the mind. 

Using a Jade roller on the face is said to reduce dark circles and fine lines. It also makes pores look smaller, boosts collagen production and encourages lymphatic drainage. All of these benefits will promote smoother, brighter and tighter skin. 

This product retails individually at £16.99.


vitamasques sapphire sheet mask

Vitamasques Gemstone Sheet Mask in ‘Sapphire’. 

The Sapphire Gemstone Sheet Mask from Vitamasques contains sapphire stone powder, as well as lavender oil, which helps you feel relaxed during your self-care pamper session. The mask also includes blueberry and violet flowers, which promotes collagen production and hydration. 

This product retails individually at £5.99. 


I’m a big fan of beauty boxes and have reviewed many previous limited editions, including the Roccabox Luxury Skincare Lover Box


What do you think of their latest box? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. 

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