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hair care routine

Recently I’ve been on a mission to make my hair better. I was having to wash my hair every single day as it gets so oily, as well as having issues with frizz and hair loss. I wanted to find products that help solve these issues, so I have been trying out lots of products to improve the health of my hair. 

JennyHouse Self-up Volume Treatment 

I start my haircare routine with the JennyHouse Self-Up Volume Treatment. I use this before my shampoo, by applying it to my wet hair and scalp, massaging it in and then leaving for a few minutes before washing it out.

It helps to keep my hair glossy and feel thicker, by forming a silky coating on hair to prevent nutrient loss during the shampooing stage. It nourishes damaged hair with amino acid and hydrolyzed keratin. The treatment also contains salicylic acid to clear the scalp of dead skin and sebum, plus niacinamide to condition the scalp and hair. 

Benton Beer Yeast Shampoo 

I needed a shampoo that helped to reduce the amount of hair I lose, as well as clean my hair effectively so it doesn’t get so oily so quickly. The Benton Beer Yeast Shampoo surprised me as this was not an ingredient I had ever considered for hair care, but the beer yeast extract helps to nourish the scalp and hair. 

As well as the beer yeast, the shampoo contains Houttuynia Cordata, Camellia Sinensis leaf, Perilla Frutescens, and Lactobacillus to soothe the scalp. 

The shampoo does actually smell like a pint, which isn’t really what I want my hair to smell like, but luckily, the products I use later on in my hair care routine add a nice fragrance that masks any whiffs of beer!

Nard Scalp Brush

When washing my hair with shampoo, I like to use the Nard Scalp Brush as it helps me to massage it in and thoroughly cleanse my scalp. I’ve tried a few different scalp brushes before, and this one is the best by far. The silicone is softer and it is easier to hold than others I’ve tried, allowing me to enjoy a gentle scalp massage. 

Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Serum

I use the Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Serum after I have towel dried my hair but before I blow dry it. On days when I am not washing my hair, I also use this serum to revive any dryness and repair the ends of my hair to keep it looking silky and sleek. 

I’ve tried lots of hair serums and oils over the years that aim to smooth hair, and this is the best I have used yet. The problem I have with lots of products is that it makes my hair look oily or dries in clumps so I don’t get a silky finish. I don’t have any of these problems with this styling serum, it perfectly smooths my hair without being noticeable on my hair. 

The serum also has a nice smell, which helps to hide the scent of the beer shampoo! 

JennyHouse Root Volume Fixer

Once I have dried my hair, I use the JennyHouse Root Volume Fixer to boost the volume of my hair and style my bangs. The Root Volume Fixer came with a hair roller, which I use to roll the front of my hair, spritz with the fixer and blow dry again for a few seconds to give it a boost. 

The JennyHouse Root Volume Fixer is made with five seaweed ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair, hydrolysed keratin and ceramides to strengthen hair, amino acid to provide nutrition and a film formula to coat hair and fix styles. 

Nineless Breworks Hair Growth Ampoule 

Another product that helps me tackle oiliness, hair loss and scalp issues is the Nineless Breworks Hair Growth Ampoule. It aims to make hair look thicker, soothe the scalp and reduce the amount of oiliness between washes. 

I use this in the evening after I have washed my hair and apply it directly to my scalp. Similar to the shampoo, it contains beer yeast and salicylic acid to promote thicker, healthier hair, however, this ampoule also includes menthol, which is cooling and adds a minty scent that masks any beer smell. 

I have tried other Nineless hair care products before and found them to be really beneficial for my hair. The Nineless Magic Nine Rich Hair Volume Balm and Daily Intense Nourishing Hair Essence are particular favourites of mine. 

JennyHouse One Day Artist Hair Tint 

A fun extra I can use on my hair is the JennyHouse One Day Artist Hair Tint, which I use in the shade Pink. I am brunette and struggle to get colours in my hair without bleaching it. I love coloured hair and have tried things like hair chalks and temporary dyes to brighten my hair without bleaching, but these haven’t provided particularly vibrant results for me. 

But this is one of the coolest products I’ve ever tried for my hair, and it provides a vibrant colour even on my dark hair. I wish I had had this in my teen years to avoid some dodgy hair dye experiences! 

It instantly adds streaks of colour to your hair wherever you want it by swiping the applicator over strands of hair. It dries really quickly and doesn’t make your hair feel crisp. The formula contains an amino acid complex to keep hair feeling healthy and forming a moisturising film on hair, as well as silicon oil to keep hair smooth and help the colour stick better. 

[The products mentioned in this post were gifted in exchange for a review by Style Korean]

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