3 Makeup Remover Cloths and Pads I Use

makeup remover cloths

Since I started getting more into makeup I’ve been searching for more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of removing my makeup.

Originally I had seen lots of rave reviews for reusable bamboo cotton pads on social media, so that’s where I started. Unfortunately, I found these to be absolutely awful – and while I got a lot of hate for saying they were bad – a lot of people also agreed with me and said they had had poor experiences using washable cotton pads.

I’ve since been on a journey of trying out makeup remover cloths and products, and here I am sharing the ones I use in my skincare routine now.


magic makeup cloth

B&M Make-Up Remover Cloths – £1.99 for 2

These are my go-to makeup remover cloths that I use each night to remove my makeup. They were £1.99 for a pack of two large cloths in B&M, so you really can’t get much more affordable than that!

The cloth only needs water to work – you don’t need any skincare product or makeup remover on the cloth to remove makeup. Simply wipe your skin and it comes off – just like magic!

I really am so impressed with these cloths, and how much they remove from your skin. They are super soft, so it removes the makeup very gently.

The cloths are large, so you could easily get away with using one for a couple of days before washing. I normally use two a week, and then wash both at the end of the week.

pink makeup remover cloth

The washing aspect is something I’m particularly impressed by, as despite using the cloths to wipe away waterproof mascara, staining red lipstick and a myriad of other makeup products, the cloths come out of the washing machine looking brand new every time. They can also withstand going through the tumble dryer.

This was my main critique of the reusable cotton pads, as I found they stained very easily and didn’t wash or dry well at all.

I think the only “downside” of these is that they can’t really be used with product – although they are not intended to be used with product, so I can’t complain. What I mean by this is, if you try to use the cloth to apply things like toner to your face, the fibres of the cloth just end up making the product very foamy. That is why I use some of the cloths I mention below!


afterspa cloth

AfterSpa Magic Make Up Remover Cloth – Small – £5.50

While this cloth is meant to be a makeup remover cloth like the above, I actually use this one to apply liquid skincare products that would normally be applied with a cotton pad, such as toner.

This cloth is about a third of the size of the makeup remover one I use (although a larger format of this cloth is also available). Because it is smaller, I wouldn’t be able to use it for as many days as the bigger one, so I use this like a big cotton pad instead.

The other reason I use this one like a cotton pad is that it is way better at absorbing products I put on it than the above cloth. While the B&M pad goes a bit frothy when you put toner on it, this one can handle it. The cloth can also add an extra element of exfoliation to using toners.


magic cleanse cloth

Seoulista Beauty Magic Cleanse – £7.99

The Magic Cleanse makeup remover pad is a double-sided cloth – one side is soft and fluffy, while the other is more textured for exfoliation. You only need to add water to the cloth for it to remove your makeup.

Start with the exfoliating side of the cloth to break down the makeup, then buff away the makeup residue with the softer side.

I worried about this pad being white, and whether it would stain like the bamboo cotton pads. It seems to be doing alright so far – I just rinse it with water after use and then wash it in the machine every few days. The pad has a very slight pink tinge to it now after I used red lipstick, but it could equally be from washing with red items in the machine. It doesn’t affect the use of the pad in any way.

The thing I like most about this pad is the exfoliating side, as it helps to remove more makeup and dirt, as well as dead skin. On days when I have been wearing lots of makeup, I will usually take the majority off with the pink cloth, and then follow up with the exfoliating side of this cloth to ensure that my skin is clear and smooth.

Thoughts on Cleansing Cloths

I wear quite a lot of eye makeup, so I find using cloths and pads very useful, as it can be difficult to use cleansers successfully in the eye area. Usually, I remove the makeup first with a cloth and then follow up with at least one round of cleansing with an oil or gel cleanser.

I think the cloths get enough makeup off and clean your skin sufficiently that you could get away with not cleansing your face with a wash everyday. However, I have oily skin and think I benefit from following up with a dedicated face wash. These cloths aren’t really going to remove makeup and dirt that are deeper within the pores, and this is where additional products like cleansers will be essential. I would say that using a cloth alone is fine if you are in a rush or travelling.

Do you use makeup remover cloths? If so, what type is your favourite?

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