ColourPop Just My Luck Review

Colourpop Just My Luck Green Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop is an affordable makeup brand that offers a huge range of eyeshadow palettes. As well as mixed palettes, ColourPop are renowned for their colour-themed palettes. 


Just My Luck Review

Just My Luck is their green-themed palette and includes 9 shades; 5 matte and 4 metallic. Each shade is highly pigmented and the colour pay-off is incredible. ColourPop palettes are so affordable, especially for the quality; this palette is normally $12, and I got it for $9 on sale. 

This eyeshadow is so long-lasting, and will look exactly the same in the evening as it does when first applied in the morning. It doesn’t crease, slide or fade at all; truly incredible staying power. 


Just My Luck Eyeshadow shades

Just My Luck Palette Colours

While you may think that a palette based around one colour won’t provide you with much option when it comes to the looks you can produce, you would be surprised how many looks you can craft from one of these. The darker shades can be worn daily, for a subtler green look, whereas you can add the more vibrant shades, such as ‘Mary Jane’, for a more exciting eye.

I was personally unsure about using green eyeshadow before, but after getting the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star palette, the shades I was most drawn to were the two green shades. I didn’t actually own any other palettes with green shades in, so I decided to buy Just My Luck from ColourPop to experiment more.


ColourPop Glitter

Something I love about ColourPop palettes is how glittery a lot of their shades are. Even the matte shades often contain glitter for a really shimmery finish. However, some ColourPop palettes include glitter that is not safe for use in the immediate eye area, as the glitter chunks are a bit too big. This is not the case in the Just My Luck palette, making it a great choice for those who are a bit apprehensive about that. 


ColourPop Just My Luck Eyeshadow Looks

Colourpop Just My Luck

This look uses ‘Kiss My Hass’ as a base shade, blended out using ‘Chances Are’. ‘Act Natural’ was used to line the eye, while ‘Big Banks’ was used in the centre for sparkle. Finally, ‘Mary Jane’ was used in the corner of the eye.


This look uses ‘Chances Are…’ as a base shade, with ‘Charmed’ to smoke out the edges. ‘Charmed’ transitions into ‘50-50’. ‘Olive U’ is then used in the corner and centre of the eye. 


This look uses ‘Chances Are’ as a base shade, with ‘Act Natural’ and ‘Mo Bamba’ blended into the corner. This transitions into ‘Kiss My Hass’, with ‘Mary Jane’ layered on top and in the inner corner. ‘Act Natural’ and ‘Kiss My Hass’ are blended under the eye.


If you suit the colour green, want to experiment more with colours, or are looking to get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit, then this is definitely the palette for you!

Other ColourPop palettes include:

  • Strawberry Shake (pinks)
  • It’s My Pleasure (purple)
  • Main Squeeze (red)
  • Baby Got Peach (peach)
  • Uh-Huh Honey (yellow)

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