Mask Monday: Elizavecca – Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask Review

Mask Monday Elizavecca mask

Welcome to my new series reviewing face masks. You’ll find a detailed review here on the blog or a summary over on my Instagram story and highlights.

The first mask I am reviewing is the Elizavecca Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask.

tea tree power ringer mask

About the Mask

The Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask is a sheet mask that is infused with tea tree extract. It is intended for reducing irritation, calming skin and improving tone, as well as restoring some elasticity to the skin. It also helps to make skin look more energised.

The nourishing element of this mask is good for dry skin types, while the tea tree ingredient and tone improving aspects make it good for oily skin types.

As someone with combination / oily skin, I was excited to try this mask as it appeals to both the oily and dry parts of my skin.

My Experience and Thoughts

Good Amount of Serum

The mask is very thin and full of serum, which is what I like to see from my sheet masks. The serum stayed on the mask well, and I didn’t experience any uncomfortable dripping or slipping of the mask.

Bad Shape

However, I had a pretty big problem with the shape of the mask. I have a fairly round face, so normally I find masks are too long for me and there is too much going on in the mouth and chin region. Normally the sheet mask will go down under my chin. With the Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask the complete opposite was true.

It was exceptionally wide, so it was rather bunched at the sides of my face. It was hard to get the mask to stay flush to my nose, so it stuck out around my eye area and nose. The mask was not long enough to cover the length of my face and the mouth / chin area was bizarre.

I actually wondered if the mask was a bit broken, as it was very thin and could easily have been torn during the packaging process. However, I actually had two of these masks and tried the second one to check and it was just the same!

Did It Help My Skin?

After using the mask my cheeks felt moisturised, but my T-zone was very shiny and felt a little greasy. Luckily, I was using the mask as part of my routine, so my skin looked normal again after following up with subsequent products. I did not experience any breakouts, so it wasn’t really a problem!

Overall Rating

While the serum itself was okay, I only rate the Elizavecca Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask a 2.5 out of 5 as the structure and size of the sheet mask was so poor and it left me a bit oilier than I expected for a mask that was targeted towards combination/oily skin types.

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