Nineless Magic Hair Care Review

nineless hair care collection

The products mentioned in this blog were gifted to me by StyleKorean as part of Try Me, Review Me.

At time of writing, it is August 2021, and I have not had my hair professionally cut since January 2020. Since that time, I have given myself a variety of “lockdown haircuts”, bleached parts, dyed it pink, purple and peach and generally not looked after my hair very well. The result was dry and damaged hair that looks greasy at the roots after half a day. Things were pretty bad.

So when I saw the opportunity to try out hair care products from Nineless, I jumped at the chance to attempt to undo some of this damage. As you can see from my before and after photos, the Ninless products helped me to do just that. The difference is incredible in just a couple of weeks, and my hair is so much healthier, nourished, shiny and smooth since I started using them.

nineless hair transformation before and after

In this collection, I received the Nineless Magic Nine Perlite Scalp Shampoo, Nineless Magic Rich Hair Volume Balm, and the Nineless Daily Intense Nourishing Hair Essence.

balm and shampoo

Nineless Magic Nine Perlite Scalp Shampoo

The shampoo uses perlite from the Mediterranean Sea helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities to keep the scalp clean and healthy.

About the Shampoo

  • 150ml squeezy tube
  • Peppermint scent

The other ingredients in the shampoo help to have a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp to soothe after scrubbing. These include centella asiatica, knotweed root, scullcap, green tea, licorice root, rosemary leaf and matricaria.

My Thoughts on the Nineless Magic Nine Perlite Scalp Shampoo

As a scrub shampoo, it’s fantastic. I’ve tried hair scrub products before that have left bits of grit behind on my scalp and caused more harm than good, but this isn’t like that at all. It’s so easy to wash away and leaves my scalp feeling clean. I use a lot of dry shampoo between washes, so I find a scrub like this really useful for removing build-up and making sure all the residual dry shampoo is cleared.

However, how good this shampoo is depends on your needs from it. Simply used as a scrub, it works well, but as an actual shampoo I find it less good. You can’t really use the scrub anywhere other than your roots and it doesn’t lather up like a regular shampoo. When used alone, I find that the rest of my hair still looks really greasy and unwashed.

I’ve taken to using the scrub on my roots and then using a different regular shampoo afterwards to cleanse the lengths of my hair more thoroughly.


nineless hair balm
Nineless Magic Rich Hair Volume Balm

If you want your hair to be the softest it’s ever been, then this is the product for you! The balm has to be my favourite from this set and I try to use it every time I wash my hair now.

About the Hair Volume Balm

  • Leave-in hair balm
  • 150ml squeezy tube
  • Floral scent
  • Contains CN-Peptide Complex, Copper Tripeptide-1
  • Use after towel drying, before hair drying to protect hair from heat

nineless hair balm texture

My Experience With the Nineless Magic Rich Hair Volume Balm

I was worried that the balm would make my hair look greasy, but instead, it has helped to transform my hair into the healthiest it has probably ever been. It no longer looks dry and damaged after using drying and styling tools, instead it is shiny, soft and healthy.

It’s a lot easier to use than I expected, and is quite simple to apply evenly to hair.

My hair looks thicker and more voluminous after using this for a few weeks, and it feels so much softer and healthier.

nineless hair essence

Nineless Daily Intense Nourishing Hair Essence

Daily leave in hair essence strengthens and improves hair condition by smoothing and sealing hair fibres.

About the Essence

  • 120ml bottle with pump
  • Contains Argan kernel oil, camellia seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil.

My Thoughts on the Nineless Hair Essence

My hair condition has improved so much from using this essence. It is way less frizzy now; instead it’s softer, smoother and shinier and looks sleek and healthy.

I normally avoid products like this, as using them tends to make my oily hair type look greasy, but I had no problems at all with this. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave your hair looking wet or greasy.

This is definitely a product I will continue to reach for, especially when my hair needs a little extra love!

I would consider buying all of these products again, but my favourite has to be the balm, as I feel like this did the most for my hair. If you’d like to try out these hair care products, then check out Nineless at StyleKorean!

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