Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Collection

heathcote and ivory by the sea skincare

The products mentioned in this post were gifted to me by Heathcote and Ivory in exchange for a review.

I’ve always lived by the sea, so a refreshing sea breeze has always bought a sense of calm and relaxation over me. So I was super happy to receive a sea-themed collection from the lovely Heathcote and Ivory!

This collection of vegan body care products brings the calming scent of the ocean into your bathroom, while also giving you soft, nourished and truly pampered skin. Plus, the brand has made some amazing eco-conscious choices:

  • The products use sustainably sourced sugarcane packaging.
  • The formulas are vegan-friendly.
  • The products are animal cruelty-free.
  • Made in the UK, so skincare lovers in the UK can shop more locally.

Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Shower Gel

A refreshing and energising shower gel, the By The Sea Shower Gel brings a luxurious cleansing experience. Featuring the fragrance notes of lemon, bergamot, iris and woodiness, the shower gel inspires thoughts of the seaside.

This vegan body wash contains seaweed complex and rose flower water that help to soothe skin, while energising it.

It is lovely to use, and has a great texture and scent to leave you feeling clean and refreshed!

Price: £13 for 300ml

Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Body Polish

The body polish is an exfoliating shower product that uses sea salt and walnut shell to gently exfoliate skin.

By The Sea Body Polish contains seaweed complex, as well as sea salt, walnut shell powder, arnica flower extract and aloe vera for a gentle and nourishing exfoliation experience that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Scents of lemon, bergamot, fresh violets, rose petals, soft iris, rich wood and ozonic, clean notes help to bring the refreshing seaside scent to your shower routine.

I love a scrub product, and this one is so nice to use; it softens skin well and doesn’t feel too harsh.

Price: £8 for 150ml

Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Scented Soap on a Rope

A luxury bar soap for use in the shower, the Soap on a Rope has a deliciously fresh scent and a creamy lather that brings the comfort of the sea to your shower.

The 150g soap is triple-milled and contains glycerin.

Price: £10

Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Body Lotion

Once you’ve cleansed and smoothed your skin with the shower gel and body polish, the By The Sea Body Lotion is the perfect follow up to continue your soothing and refreshing bodycare ritual.

With scents of the sea, combined with sweet almond oil, moringa oil, cocoa seed butter and seaweed complex, the lotion leaves skin super soft and smelling fantastic!

As with the other products, the lotion bottle packaging is made from sugarcane, making the vegan and cruelty-free skincare even more eco-friendly!

Price: £13 for 300ml

Heathcote and Ivory By The Sea Hand Cream

This product came as a set of three hand creams in a lovely box, which would make a lovely present for someone who likes their skincare. The trio of creams are 30ml travel sized, so they’re perfect for popping in your handbag when on the go.

The vegan formula contains seaweed complex, with extract of sea oak, as well as vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera for nourishment and hydration.

It has a lovely texture that is easily absorbed and quickly softens hands, while offering that familiar seaside scent that features across the By The Sea range.

Price: £16 for 3x30ml hand creams

These are the kind of products that would make amazing gifts, so if you’re looking for a nice treat to keep the summer vibes going, then this is definitely the set for you! Take a peek at the By The Sea range at Heathcote and Ivory.


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