My Experience Taking CBD Oil for Anxiety and Stress*

ElleVance Complete CBD Oil

CBD oil has become something of a healthcare supplement in recent years. It is used to relieve pain from serious illnesses, as well as alleviate the symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. It is also thought to be great for the skin, which is a definite bonus for me, as a skincare blogger!


Why I Decided to Take CBD Oil

I’m naturally a very anxious person, but at the moment, there is an awful lot going on in my life that is causing extra stress and impacting on my ability to cope properly. Aside from all the current world dramas (COVID-19 lockdown at time of writing), I am in the process of buying a house, which is commonly referred to as one of the most stressful life events.

However, as this is such a stressful time with a lot of stuff going on, I really need to be able to hold it together – this is not the moment for a full-scale breakdown! This is definitely easier said than done, though, so I decided to take CBD oil for a bit to see if it can help to reduce my feelings of anxiety at this time.


ElleVance CBD oil

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical that is naturally found in cannabis plants. CBD does not contain any THC, which is the part of the cannabis plant that makes you feel high. This allows you to experience the calming and pain-relieving effects of cannabis, without worrying about having a bad ‘trip’.

CBD has been scientifically proven to help with reducing anxiety, as well as alleviating symptoms of PTSD, social anxiety disorder and insomnia.

CBD oil in flowers

How Has CBD Oil Helped Me?

Before I took CBD oil, my anxiety was very bad. I suffer from a couple of different mental health problems, and am also generally just an anxious person, so I tend to struggle to cope with things more than others.

Life is a bit challenging at the moment, and my anxiety leads to me feeling physically ill. I have trouble getting to sleep and suffer from anxiety attacks in the day more frequently.

However, as soon as I take the CBD oil, I feel calmer and less stressed. It really helps me to focus on tasks better, making my mind feel clearer and more restful. This has been particularly helpful now, as there is a lot on my mind!

The CBD oil I take gets built up in your system, so you experience the effects of it throughout the day, rather than needing to take drops of it all the time.

When I take CBD oil before bed, it helps me to get to sleep quicker, as difficulties sleeping is a common issue for people with anxiety.


Overall, the effects I have experienced on CBD oil include:

  • Feeling calmer
  • Less stressed
  • Less anxious
  • Better focus
  • Easier to fall asleep
  • Less anxiety-related sickness


CBD Oil in flowers

What CBD Oil Did I Use?

I used ElleVance Sciences Complete CBD oil, which includes CBDA and terpenes as well. The oil and terpenes are extracted from the hemp plant. The addition of terpenes helps the body to get the most out of the oil, and likewise, CBDA can help your body to absorb CBD into the blood.


Backed by Science

I was a bit nervous to try out CBD oil at first, as I was worried about putting something into my body when I wasn’t sure of the effects it would have. However, ElleVance Complete has a lot of science behind it and has been used in a number of clinical research projects. The CBD oil is produced under high quality control, and they have had years of experience to perfect the product. These factors put me at ease, and I was confident enough with the product to give it a go!


Taken Orally

The ElleVance Complete oil is taken orally, either directly or in food. I would say that the only downside to the product is the taste, which is fairly strong and definitely not for everyone! Be sure to have a drink or snack to hand when you take your CBD oil, so you can wash it down and remove the taste from your mouth. ElleVance does have other options, though, such as bites and capsules, which may make taking the product easier.


ElleVance Oil

Would I Recommend CBD Oil for Anxiety?

If you’re really struggling with mental health issues, then please visit your doctor first to check what the best options for you are, as CBD oil should be supplementary.

However, if you suffer from situational anxiety or need a little extra help feeling calmer, then I would say taking CBD oil for anxiety can be very beneficial.

Be sure to do a bit of research into the types of CBD oil available, as many are cheaper versions (sold for high prices), that are not as effective as the likes of the ElleVance oil.


Have you taken CBD oil for your anxiety or stress? Leave a comment below to let me know how you got on, or feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with CBD!


*This piece is written in collaboration with ElleVance Sciences.


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