Wake Skincare Face Cream and Eye Gel Review

wake skincare

Taking good care of my skin is something I’m very passionate about, so when Wake Skincare approached me to work with them on their latest campaign I was very excited. The items reviewed in this blog were gifted, but the opinions shared here are my honest thoughts.


wake skincare face cream and eye gel

Wake Skincare Face Cream

The face cream is advertised as an intense effect face cream that reduces wrinkles, replenishes skin, evens skin tone and boosts Collagen production for a youthful appearance. 

I have combination skin and this moisturiser seems to work pretty well to hydrate my skin without leaving it too oily. Instead it provides a healthy glow and leaves my face feeling smoother. I don’t know if it is an intended effect, but I swear since I’ve been using this moisturiser my skin has been better on the whole.

Helped to smooth skin

I usually suffer terribly from milia on my cheeks, but since using this cream, my skin has been a lot smoother than usual and any milia I do have are much less pronounced. At 22, I thankfully don’t suffer too much from wrinkles and lines yet, so I can’t comment too much on the cream’s powers in that respect, but I do feel like my skin looks healthier now.


wake face cream

The cream itself feels silky and thick, but applies to the face very lightly and sinks in quickly. Because of this, I have predominantly been using the moisturiser at night before bed, as I don’t have to wait around for ages for it to dry before going to sleep.

I find that it can make my skin a little shiny if I use it in the morning and don’t follow it with makeup, so I personally prefer using it at night. The moisturiser also has a very nice scent, although it doesn’t linger once you’ve smoothed it into your skin, which is good. 

Product Packaging

The glass jar and shiny lid makes the product look a lot more high-end than some similarly priced moisturisers, which often come in a less fancy, plastic container. One criticism I would have for this product is that, when it arrived there were lots of gaps within the container where it was just air, not completely full of product.

When taking pictures of the product, I tried to smooth the cream down a little so that these gaps were filled and not as noticeable, and that made it clear that the jar is not completely filled with the moisturiser. I know it will be largely sold based on the weight of the product, but it would be nice for the jars to be a little fuller. 


wake skincare eye gel

Wake Skincare Eye Gel

The eye gel intends to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and reduce the signs of ageing by improving hydration, elasticity and reducing lines and wrinkles. 

Again, while I can’t really comment on the wrinkle side of things, this eye gel has definitely helped to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I like using this at night as a preventative thing, to help cool and refresh my eye area overnight, so that my eyes are less puffy when I wake up.

I have terrible panda eyes and constantly look like I haven’t slept in years when I don’t wear makeup, so I’m not going to lie and say that this gel has cured me of dark circles, but I have definitely seen a slight improvement so far, and am excited to see how far this gel can help with this issue. 

Surprising Consistency

As an eye ‘gel’ I was expecting it to be a little more gel like, but it is quite a thin gel, with a fairly watery consistency. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I find that some thicker eye creams can irritate my eyes, especially if used as an overnight eye cream. Luckily, the lightness of this eye gel means it doesn’t irritate my skin and dries very quickly.

While the consistency of the product doesn’t bother me particularly, I know that some people who are looking specifically for a ‘gel’ might be disappointed. I also found that the consistency could vary quite a bit, with the product coming out more gel-like sometimes, and other times it would be so runny it would just fall off your finger. To overcome this, it seems to be a good idea to give the bottle a bit of a shake before using. 

Product Packaging

The packaging is fairly plain, but the bottle is pretty good quality, my only complaint is that sometimes the pump is a little temperamental, but it’s not a massive issue. By this I mean that sometimes you’ll have to give it a fair few pumps to get any product out, but other times, one little press will squeeze out way too much gel – although this, again, could come down to the consistency of the product. 

wake skincare

 It’s not just about the skincare though, as Wake Skincare make a donation to Women’s Aid with every product purchased, meaning you can get great skin and help a good cause at the same time!

I’m always on the lookout for new products to try, so if you would like to work with me or recommend cool products to try then feel free to get in touch!


Hi! I’m Ellen, a Devon-based beauty and lifestly blogger who is perhaps a little too obsessed with makeup and skincare (seriously, I own over 100 lipsticks…). 💄

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