6 Best Tea Tree Skincare Products | How Can Tea Tree Help Your Skin?

6 Best Tea Tree Skincare Products | How Can Tea Tree Help Your Skin?

If I had to pick my favourite ingredient for my skincare, it would have to be tea tree. Tea tree is an ingredient that I’ve used all my life. As an antibacterial essential oil, tea tree was like a cure-all remedy in my house growing up for things like burns, scrapes, spots and other skin ailments.

As I’ve got older and gotten more into taking care of my skin, I still find myself reaching for tea tree products all the time. While I still use pure oil and tea tree cream for cuts and scrapes, I’ve found more refined products for use in my regular skincare routine.


How Does Tea Tree Oil Help Your Skin?

Tea tree is a natural ingredient that is suitable for all skin types.

  • It can help to soothe and heal dry skin and eczema.
  • Its antibacterial properties can help treat acne.
  • It helps to reduce oiliness in oily skin and unclog pores.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve itchy skin, reduce inflammation and heal infection.
  • It can be used for hair care, treating dandruff and keeping it healthy.


Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Wash

A face wash I reach for time and time again, this product is one I will use anytime I’m experiencing breakouts or particularly oily skin.

This face wash is packed full of natural ingredients that are great for clearing impurities and preventing breakouts and blemishes. It is best for normal to oily skin types and can be used by those with acne-prone skin.

It can be used morning and evening and is a light, gel-based wash that is very easy and gentle to use.


Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Spray

I’ve used this product for years now and it’s an absolute staple, especially in the summer. Not only does it help to refresh the skin, and add a touch of hydration, but it also helps to keep my skin clear of spots thanks to the antibacterial properties of the tea tree.

Everytime I feel a spot coming on, I wash my face and give it a spritz with this spray!

The Lush version is a bit expensive for the bottle size – you can find a Boots own-brand tea tree spray product for a lot less. I find the tea tree in the Boots one is a lot stronger in strength then the Lush, which has its own pros and cons. The higher strength could be more effective, but I find it stings too much as a spray, especially if it gets near the eyes.


iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum

A lot of tea tree products focus on breakouts and blemishes, but the iUNIK serum is all about soothing skin. That is because this serum also contains centella extract, which is great at giving your skin relief and hydration.

I love this serum the most in the winter, as I find that sometimes tea tree can be a bit drying on the skin. The extra hydration this serum provides means that I can keep using tea tree in winter without drying out my skin.


Dr. Jart+ Ctrl+A Teatreement Moisturizer

When I want to use more tea tree in my skincare routine, this is the moisturiser I turn to. It is a light, gel texture, so I use it mostly in the daytime and in the summer.

It helps to keep your skin clear, balanced and blemish-free and has pH balancing effects.

For me, it gives me the right amount of hydration without any greasiness. It sinks in to my skin and dries very quickly. It is light enough to layer with SPF during the day as well.


Base Plus – Niacinamide + Tea Tree

Base Plus is a brand that creates personalised skincare products that are tailored to your skin type. My personalised formula contained niacinamide and tea tree.

Both of these ingredients work really well at reducing blemishes and are great for oily skin. I use this mostly at night and in the winter, as it is a thicker moisturiser. It does sink into the skin quickly though and does not feel greatest or oily.

My skin feels smooth, toned and soft after using. You can see my full review of the Base Plus products here.


Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Mask

This mask is from the same range as the cleanser I use, and it is made using kaolin clay. It helps to draw out and remove impurities from the skin and reduce oiliness. The tea tree and neem also offer antibacterial benefits and bring balance to the skin.

I love using this when I need to give my skin a reset and refresh, as it clears my skin out well and leaves it soft, smooth and blemish-free.

You can read a full review of the Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Mask as part of my Mask Monday series!

What are your favourite skincare ingredients?


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