Mask Monday: RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl Review

Mask Monday: RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl Review

Happy Mask Monday! Today I’m reviewing the RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl sheet mask.

About the RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl

The RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl is a silky sheet mask that aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and offer a whitening effect to the skin.

The mask contains pearl extract, which helps to moisturise skin, make it clearer and improve elasticity. With added niacinamide, the mask offers whitening and brightening effects, improving dark spots on the skin.

Other key ingredients in the mask are allantoin, witch hazel, aloe leaf extract, camellia leaf extract and ginseng root extract.

My Experience With the RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl

Lots of Serum!

The mask was very well saturated with serum. In fact, it was probably too well saturated, as the mask dripped a lot before I put it on and while I was wearing it.

There was also a lot of excess serum left over in the packet – enough that I could basically use it over my whole body!

While it isn’t always the most convenient or comfortable to wear a mask that drips a lot while wearing it, having too much serum in a product is hardly something to complain about, and I didn’t let it go to waste!

As there was so much serum, I used a jade roller to help my skin absorb some of it, as there was so much serum it took a very long time to sink in on its own.

Mask Fit

The mask had a great fit – it wasn’t too big or misshapen. While wearing the mask, it fitted comfortably and didn’t need adjusting.


I chose to use this mask as my skin was looking a little dull at the time. After using the RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack Pearl sheet mask, my skin was noticeably brighter and clearer. Overall my skin looked healthier, radiant and youthful in comparison to how it looked before using the mask. I am very pleased with the results from this sheet mask.

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