Mask Monday: G9 Skin Slice Mask Sheet Peach Review

Mask Monday: G9 Skin Slice Mask Sheet Peach Review

It’s Mask Monday! This week, I’m trying out the Peach version of the G9 Skin Slice Mask Sheet.

This one is a bit different to your usual sheet masks – you’ll see why!

About the Mask

The slice mask isn’t a full-face sheet mask. Instead it is a pack of six peach-shaped slices that you can apply where you want them. As it isn’t face-shaped the slices can be added to other parts of your body, like arms and legs.

The mask has a delightful peach scent and contains collagen to help firm up the skin.

The packet is resealable, so you are able to use as many as you want and save others for another time.

My Experience and Thoughts

Cute Design

These slice sheets are so cute! They are colourful and cheery, looking like little peaches. The serum also smells like peach, so they have a delicious scent to brighten up your day as you wear them.

Plenty of Serum

There is a lot of serum in the packet and each slice has plenty. I have only used a couple of slices so far, but I expect there will be serum left in the packet that I can use at the end.

The peach slice sheets stay in place well when applied, but do fall once they have dried out a bit (after around 20 minutes).

After using, they did leave a fairly tacky feeling on my skin, with the serum taking a while to fully sink in. In the end, I just carried on with my skincare routine and applied products on top.

Good Firming Results

I used the slice sheets on my face, and after using my cheeks felt very firm and I could see more definition in my face.

These were fun little patches to use and I will definitely be using these again in my skincare routine, especially when I want cheering up with these cute, colourful slices!

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