Mask Monday: Farm Stay Collagen Sheet Mask Review

Mask Monday: Farm Stay Collagen Sheet Mask Review

For Mask Monday this week, I’m trying out the Farm Stay Collagen Sheet Mask.

I actually received this one in a samples set I purchased in a YesStyle order, so it is not one I chose myself, but I was still very excited to try it out!

About the Mask

The Farm Stay Collagen Sheet Mask contains water-soluble collagen, which helps to improve elasticity and hydrate the skin. The mask is also intended for controlling sebum and rebalancing the skin.

This mask can be used by all skin types, but would be most beneficial for ageing and dry skin.

My Thoughts and Experience

So Much Serum

This mask had so much serum! Like almost too much… After applying the mask I found there was serum just dripping into my mouth and running down my neck. It was ok after a minute as I was then able to pat the excess into my neck and shoulders, but it wasn’t the most pleasant start!

There was also quite a lot of serum left over in the packet, as shown. which I used on the rest of my body after I had finished with the mask. I quite enjoy having leftover serum to use, but this mask was maybe a bit too saturated.

Decent Fit

If you’ve seen my previous Mask Monday posts, you’ll know I often struggle with the fit of sheet masks, and the Farm Stay Collagen Sheet Mask was no different!

However, this mask did have a better fit around the eyes and nose than most masks I try, and I think that is more important than it fitting well around the mouth and chin. This is especially the case for a collagen mask, as you want the serum working its magic around your eye contours and creases, where wrinkles and fine lines are most likely to appear.

Good Results

After using, there was lots of excess serum left on my face, so I spent a little while patting this in. Afterwards, my skin felt a lot softer, looked plumper and brighter. I have also seen a definite reduction in the amount of sebum produced by my skin for the rest of the day I used it. By nighttime, my skin feels way less greasy and looks less shiny than it usually does.

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