5 Crafts I’m Learning In 2019

5 Crafts I’m Learning In 2019

I’ve always thought of myself as a creative person, and for years I have used writing as my main outlet for all things creative, whether that be blogging or storytelling! Since I’ve started working as a writer full-time in a digital marketing agency, however, I find that my desire to use writing as my creative outlet (aside from blogging, of course) isn’t as strong anymore. I’ve always loved things like sewing, so, on a quest to find some creative projects that get my eyes away from a screen, this year I’ll be embarking on a few different crafty adventures!

While it would probably be best to master one craft rather than taking on a whole bunch of projects at once, I do quite like having lots of bits on the go, so that I can flit between each one when I start getting bored. Here are some of the arts and crafts I’ll be attempting this year! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to join my on my creative journey.


Needle Felting

I’ve done a few needle felting projects in the past and have quite enjoyed them – other than the times I stabbed the needle the whole way through my thumb or when I over-enthusiastically jabbed it in my thigh. Knowing I love everything crafty, I got a few needle felting kits as gifts recently, so there is soon to be a collection of cacti, llama and birds poked into existence!




While I had a brief fling with knitting several years ago, I never really liked the end result of things I made, and much prefer the appearance of crocheted items. I personally feel like they look a lot neater, more modern and refined, while toys look cuter, especially in the amigurumi style. I’ve only recently learned some basic crochet, so it will be a while before I’m producing anything worth sharing, although if I were making a blanket for a mouse I would definitely nearly be done!




Having started up my arts and crafts Pinterest board, I’ve been feeling greatly inspired by all the incredible hoop embroidery work I’ve seen. While I have worked on a few embroidery projects in the past it was never really something I stuck at, but I’ve cracked the old hoops out from storage and I’m back on the embroidery game! While I’m starting off with some standard floral designs, I’m working up to embroidery a variety of patterns onto some of my plain shirts and dresses – although I definitely need a little more practice first!




Sewing is probably my strongest craft area and in the past I’ve made everything from tiny toys to more elaborate dresses. However, since I moved away from home to a smaller flat, I haven’t had room for a full sewing kit and machine, so I’ve done practically nothing for about a year. But I was gifted a few basic sewing kits and am being lent a sewing machine so I’m planning on getting back into this soon. I’ve also recently joined a local sewing club, so hopefully I’ll be finding some more inspiration and advice there!


journaling supplies

Junk Journaling

A paper craft rather than a fabric endeavour, I’ve actually been “junk journaling” for around ten years – far before I even knew what it was called. I have a rather enormous stack of fancy notebooks and scrapbooks that is ever growing, along with a few boxes full of stickers, craft paper and interesting scraps, so I’m looking to spend a little more time on these journals in the hopes that I will fill them quicker than I buy more journaling supplies!! From experience, however, this seems unlikely!


As a beginner to most of these types of craft activity I’m always on the lookout for any advice, tutorials, resources and sources of inspiration, so if you have crafty blog posts of your own or any advice to share then please feel free to comment below or reach out via my social media channels!



Hi! I’m Ellen, a Devon-based beauty and lifestly blogger who is perhaps a little too obsessed with makeup and skincare (seriously, I own over 100 lipsticks…). 💄

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