Blood Lust Jeffree Star Palette Review + Eyeshadow Looks

blood lust eyeshadow palette

I LOVE purple eyeshadow. When I was a child, the first ever makeup I wore was a purple eyeshadow shade and matching purple lipgloss I bought in Woolworths. My love of colouring my eyelids purple has continued into adulthood, and have recently been using the ColourPop ‘It’s My Pleasure’ purple palette all the time to create purple looks.

I was, therefore, very excited to learn that the latest Jeffree Star palette would be based around the colour purple. 


purple palette

Colours in the Palette

At first – like many others – I wasn’t too sure about this colour story. When I had heard the palette would be purple-themed, I had expected a full palette of purple shades, particularly rich, royal purples. So, when I saw a palette including red, green, blue and pink shades alongside the purples, it wasn’t quite what I expected and I was a bit dubious about how well this palette would work.


My Favourite Shades

However, after using the palette, my mind has been completely changed and I’m happy that the palette has a mix of colours other than just purple. The red shade – ‘Bleeding Heart’ – offers insane colour pay-off, with far more intensity than the red in the Conspiracy palette. The new formulas in ‘Wet Jewel’ and ‘Pink Magic’ are an absolute dream for those that love to be as glittery as I do. ‘Royal Pain’ is an incredible base shade, as well as a great option for blending out the other shades. 


Using the Palette

All of the colours are incredibly pigmented, buildable and blend so easily. The colour pay-off on each shade is intense, especially on the glittery options. I found with some of the glittery shades that it was better to use a finger to pat on and apply the eyeshadow, rather than a brush to get the boldest end result.

These shades were so much easier to work with than those in the Conspiracy palette. I could just be speculating, but I really feel like Jeffree put far more care and thought into his own palette than the collaborative palette with Shane, and that really shows in the quality of this palette versus my Conspiracy palette. 


Shades That Were Harder to Work With

I think, of the whole palette, my least favourite shade is ‘Your Majesty’, as I’m never fussed about white shades, and this one is quite ashy when applied. 

Also, while I love the concept of the shade ‘Executioner’, I found it very difficult to replicate the colour you can swatch with this shade on the eye. It works as a decent black shade for smoking out, but the cool purple flecks in it didn’t really stick around when you start blending – in fact you could see them flying off the brush with every pat.

‘Executioner’ is also pretty hard to remove, as the black seems to stain a little bit and you may find yourself needing a more intensive makeup remover or to scrub a bit more!



I have spent a couple of days wearing looks from this palette all day long, and I am impressed with the durability of the palette. The shades don’t shift throughout the day, and I did not experience any creasing or patchiness after a full day of wear. 

While the shades are all pretty bright and bold, I think you could easily work some casual day-to-day makeup looks out of this palette – or just be brave and rock a colourful eye to work! 


blood lust eyeshadow palette


The packaging of Blood Lust is sort of its greatest success and biggest downfall at the same time. It is truly something to behold, and will stand out in a good way amongst any makeup collection. The purple velvet makes it even more royal and regal looking, but the crushed velvet feel is a bit icky to hold – and I love velvet normally!

The palette is the biggest I own by far, so it wouldn’t really be one that I could take away with me when travelling, and holding it up is a bit of a strain on the arm. 

The mirror is a brilliant size and great quality, however, there is nothing supporting it or allowing it to stand on its own, like a hinge, so to use it, you’d need to have something behind it propping it up at all times. This is a bit annoying for me personally, as I like being able to use the mirrors in my palettes with ease. 

That being said, the palette does look incredible, and the attention to detail is wonderful, especially within the palette, where there is fabric aside the shades with a lovely embellished design. 



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Eyeshadow Looks With the Blood Lust Palette

This purple eyeshadow look uses ‘Deviant’ as a base shade, with ‘Vivid Mood’ blended into the crease and under the eye. The shade ‘Blood Queen’ is used in the corners of the eye. I then did a cut crease with a white base coat shade and applied ‘Take The Crown’ across the lid.


This red and black eyeshadow look uses ‘Monarchy’ as a base shade, with ‘Bleeding Heart’ and ‘Executioner’ blended above and below the eye.


This pink eyeshadow look makes use of the super glittery shades. ‘Royal Pain’ is used as a base shade, then the outer and inner corners and under the eye are covered in ‘Pink Magic’. The shade ‘Wet Jewel’ is applied across this lid, fading into ‘Beauty Sleep’ towards the inner corner.


I hope this review and the looks I have created with it have inspired you one way or another regarding this palette! You can check out my other reviews of makeup on the blog or follow me on Instagram for more makeup posts!


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