My Experience With Base Plus Personalised Skincare*

My Experience With Base Plus Personalised Skincare*

[*The products mentioned in this blog post were kindly gifted to me by Base Plus.] 

The world of skincare can be a confusing place. Unless you’ve educated yourself a lot about ingredients and chemicals it can be quite overwhelming to pick out products that can really work for you. Not only do you need to work out what ingredients your skin needs, but also which products can be used together. 

That’s why I absolutely love the idea of personalised skincare – all the hard work is taken away and you are given a product that should suit your very specific skincare needs – and that’s exactly what Base Plus are offering!


Base Plus Personalised Moisturiser 

Base Plus is a personalised skincare brand that uses their moisturiser base formula in combination with additional ingredients chosen to suit your specific skin type and problems. You can create your moisturiser yourself, or take their skin quiz to discover the ingredients they recommend. 

After completing their skincare questionnaire, Base Plus identified niacinamide and tea tree as being the best ingredient combo for me in my personalised moisturiser. As someone who knows a bit about skincare, I was pleased to hear this, as these were the ingredients I would have chosen for myself too based on my skin type and issues. 


Thoughts on the Base Plus Moisturiser

The moisturiser is thicker than ones I would usually use, but it sinks into the skin quickly despite this. I find I don’t actually need to use that much to get a full covering on my face. 

I usually start with a small amount and build up the amount I apply to my face, rather than going in with a big dollop straight away, as I have found that applying too much at once can leave me with white patches where it hasn’t sunk into my skin properly. 

The effects I have seen from this moisturiser have been brilliant, both straight after using and more long-term. Immediately after using this moisturiser, my skin feels so soft, smooth and toned. Despite being a thicker cream, it does not feel greasy or oily at all. It leaves my skin with such a good texture I have just been using this moisturiser as a base for my makeup, without using a primer. 

The niacinamide and tea tree in my personalised product have been really helpful recently too, as I started developing a number of spots due to maskne and stress, and these have been greatly reduced by these ingredients. I can see really noticeable differences each day, with my skin clearing up nicely.

If you’d like to find out more about creating your own personalised moisturiser, then take a peek at the Base Plus website

Base+ Good Skin Serum

I was also gifted the Base Plus Good Skin Serum to try before its launch. The serum is to be used after cleansing and drying your face. The serum should be left to sink into the skin for 5-10 minutes before following up with the Base Plus moisturiser. 

It’s such a smooth serum, that applies really easily and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving you with any tacky residue. It is made using a lot of plant and fruit extracts, as well as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and niacinamide, so it is both gentle and nourishing and is suitable for all skin types. 


What do you think about personalised skincare? If you’d like to find out what ingredients are best for your skin and create your own bespoke moisturiser, then take a look at the Base Plus Skin Quiz!




Hi! I’m Ellen, a Devon-based beauty and lifestly blogger who is perhaps a little too obsessed with makeup and skincare (seriously, I own over 100 lipsticks…). 💄

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