Mask Monday: Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Mask Review

Mask Monday: Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Mask Review

So far in my Mask Monday series I have focused on sheet masks, so this week I have decided to use a clay mask.

While sheet masks offer a self-care relaxation moment, I do kind of prefer clay masks and ones you get in tubes or jars as I think they are better for the environment, as there is less packaging to throw away.

This week I’m trying out the Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree Mask.

Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree mask

About the Mask

The Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree mask is meant to deeply clean the pores and rebalance the skin.

It includes kaolin clay which helps to draw out impurities and remove excess oiliness. The neem and tea tree oils have antibacterial properties and help to balance the skin and repair damage. The mask also includes peppermint, orange and lemon oils that energise and refresh the skin.

Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree mask

My Experience and Thoughts

I love using this when I need to give my skin a reset and refresh, as it clears my skin out well and leaves it soft, smooth and blemish-free.

Strong Ingredients

The ingredients in this are pretty strong, so when it’s first applied there is a bit of a tingle – like when you have mint – but it passes once it has dried. Because of the ingredients, it does have a fairly strong scent, so if you are sensitive to smell, this might not be the best option.

The mask is wet when applied and dries to become almost invisible on your face. After around 20 minutes you need to wash it off with water and a cloth.

Best for Oily Skin

This is definitely a mask best suited to oily skin types. There are a lot of essential oils in this, which can be irritating to some skin types. It also dries quite tight on the face, and the clay could remove too much from dry skin types.

As for me, with oily skin, I love this mask! It completely clears out my skin and leaves me with a healthy glow.

Do you prefer sheet masks or clay masks? Let me know your favourite types of masks in the comments below!

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